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"Leo is a revolutionary step in the right direction for programming."―Brian Takita
"Leo is the best IDE that I have had the pleasure to use. It has totally changed not only the way that I program, but also the way that I store and organize all of the information that I need for the job that I do."―Ian Mulvany
"When first I opened Leo, it was out of curiosity. But having used it, I'll never go back. They'll have to pry Leo out of my cold, dead fingers!"―Travers A. Hough

Leo is a PIM, IDE and outliner that accelerates the work flow of programmers, authors and web designers. Outline nodes may appear in more than one place, allowing multiple organizations of data within a single outline.

Joe Orr's must see demo.
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LeoInteg: Leo for vs-code.
Coming soon: Zero install Leo (Leo for vscode.dev).

Ask us anything at the leo-editor Google Group.
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Here is reduced screenshot of Leo's main window. You can view the full-sized image using something like "view image" in your browser.